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RSVP Cards

When it comes to your wedding correspondence, many couples focus solely on their formal wedding invitations, but the RSVP cards are just as important. These cards are typically included in the formal wedding invitation suite and ask guests to reply with whether or not they can attend your wedding. When designing your RSVP cards, you’ll likely want them to match the look and feel of your formal wedding invitations. The Knot Invitations offers a wide range of gorgeous designs and lets you easily customize your RSVP cards to make them your own.

RSVP Cards on The Knot Invitations

When designing your wedding stationery suite, you’ll want it to match the vibe of your wedding ceremony and reception. You may want a fun and playful design if your wedding is on the modern side or an elegant and sophisticated feel if your event is more formal. Choose a RSVP card design that coordinates with the style and color of your wedding invitations and customize the details.

What are RSVP cards?

RSVP cards refer to the response cards that accompany formal wedding invitations. These are the cards that guests use to tell you whether or not they can attend your wedding. These cards are typically sent back two to three weeks prior to the wedding date.

What should an RSVP card say?

RSVP cards typically have a line for the guest’s name, an RSVP due date and choice of entree. There is usually a “will attend” or “unable to attend” line for the guest to mark. The RSVP due date is important to include so that you can receive responses in a timely manner. As for the choice of entrees, some couples include entree options, like fish or poultry, while others may include a line for a guest to mention any dietary restrictions.

What can I say instead of RSVP on my response cards?

Instead of writing “RSVP” on your response cards, some couples include “reply” or “please respond” by the RSVP due date.